The pages are part ‘blog’ posts which are thoughts as they arise, and part in depth look at the radical transformation of our society happening through the collision of technology advancement,  ‘finite world’.

Finite World.

Throughout almost the entire history of humanity (from the stone age through until the 20th century) humans lived on a world that appeared effectively infinite.   New land to explore, new minerals to discover, and, at the world level, a natural environment that absorbed all.

But humanity has now expanded in territory and population to the point where we see the world as finite.  We even have ‘google maps’ (and others) of the entire earth surface.

In terms of a human lifetime, reaching the point of finite world has been gradual and thus it becomes easy to miss the impact.

As listed on the contents page, the following are explored in depth in these pages:

  • When did the world become finite?
  • Has population growth really slowed and what is the impact?
  • How does technology impact the finite world?
  • How long before space exploration gives us a new frontier



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