The pages are part ‘blog’ posts which are thoughts as they arise, and part in depth look at the radical transformation of our society happening through the collision of technology advancement,  the impact of the human population reaching saturation level and impacting the environment, together with the ending of the rapid population growth spike of the ‘growth age’.

Blog posts are thoughts as they arise.  The ‘not blog’ is organisation of relevant thoughts in an overall treatise or closer to ‘book’ than ‘blog’.  The posts may be pipieces of a jigsaw puzzle, but hopefully they can be arranged to fall into place to build a cohesive picture.  Please provide comments on this ‘picture’ as I believe it a great topic for debate.

The introduction can be found here.

Pages can be also be accessed from the ‘population’ or ‘eco age’ pages which have their own table of contents.

A difference between the ‘blog’ posts and pieces of the ‘jigsaw’ is that I do keep update posts as thoughts evolve and are refined.

There are also more conventional ‘blog’ posts cover a variety of topics but have some bias to a perspective based on living in Australia and do include some Australian specific topics and even politics.

And I also discuss general philosophy, technology, science and …..


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