When I first looked at global population my impression was that exponential population growth is spiralling out of control.

With further analysis I was surprised to learn that virtually all that is needed to get population growth under control is already in place.   However this does not mean all population related problems are solved.  In a finite world, what is certain is that things are already overcrowded and will still get worse before they get better.   While all is in place to move from population growth to a slow gradual decline in population,  there are still forces looking to derail that optimistic future. These findings will be discussed in these pages.

Introduction: Brace, surprisingly the pause button has been pressed!.
Perspectives on Future population.
So where is the halt to population growth?
The Population ‘Catch 22’.
Why more than the current change is required.
Environmental Footprint and Maximum population.
The global economy Ponzi scheme.


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