The New Economics of Population Growth in a Finite world

historical_map_world_1800Summary: Most of us now live under ‘finite world economics’, where population growth results in a smaller share of wealth for each individual and the majority of the population, but increased revenues for Governments, nationwide businesses and multinationals who gain revenue from the entire population.  The rich win, the rest suffer.

The now finite World

When Christopher Columbus set sail for America, no one had a world map, doubt about a map the included America.  When Captain Cook ‘discovered’ Australia, as it approached the year 1800,  no civilization knew where all the land on Earth was located.  By 1900, humans knew where all the land was, but still had not explored all that land. Now (2017 at the time of writing), we basically know where all the land is and have even allocated ownership and mineral rights of all the land. Our world is now finite.

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Broken: Educating Girls in Technology

Statistics show secondary schools in developed countries are failing to interest girls in technology. I recently attended a forum on this topic and I was able to hear from those making breakthroughs towards fixing the problem.

The reality is secondary schools are having difficulties teaching technology in general, and even include woodwork, metalwork, fabrics, sewing and food technology under the heading of technology, masking how little of what most of us now consider as technology is actually being taught.  These difficulties teaching technology in secondary school are impacting girls far more than boys, but we will not correctly address the problem for girls, without a solution to the problem in general.

The graph below highlights how the problems affect girls. The clear message from the forum is that for technology in secondary school, a new approach with teachers facilitating in place of teaching is what is having an impact.  At this forum, results from this real solution were on display.

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